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Christmas 2011

We had a pretty freaking fantastic holiday season this year.  Partly because we got to sleep right next to theView full post »


Let’s just say I’ve been busy this week.  I moved the bedroom into the living-room and part of theView full post »

The Dollhouse Wall | Before

At last I’m actually showing it to you!  These are the “before” pictures.  I don’tView full post »

Vignettes and Spice

There is an even better reason than laziness for my lack of posting this winter: LIGHT!  We’ve had a seriousView full post »

The Art Corner

So you’ve all seen the office side of things.Well. . . this is what’s been lurking on the other side. View full post »

DIY Cloud Chalkboard

One of the advantages of taking at least an hour to get to sleep every night is it gives me lots of thinkingView full post »

Bathroom Blues

As you may remember from a previous post, I painted the bathroom blue.  Granted, it’s a GORGEOUS, warm,View full post »

Office Light

I knew I didn’t want to keep this thing. . . It’s hard to tell in my crappy before picture [iPhone], butView full post »

Hall Closet

So remember way back when, when I said I was working on organizing the hall closet?  Yeah. . . I finallyView full post »

Art Studio/Home Office

NOTE: The Orange Door Blog has moved HERE.  Click HERE to see this post on the new blog! I am writing this on myView full post »