Let’s just say I’ve been busy this week.  I moved the bedroom into the living-room and part of the living-room into the bedroom.  I got some new stuff, got rid of some old stuff, and our car got broken into and they stole some stuff.

It’s all worked out.  And I have to say, even though it’s temporary, getting to sleep right next to our Christmas tree is awesome.  Part of me wants to delay painting the bedroom so we can stay out here longer.

So I haven’t started painting yet.  But I did tackle this disgusting mess of spices we had lurking in our pantry and on our fridge. . .

We already had the containers, but I had put labels on the sides before and stuck some tape over them.  Not only did that make them hard to see, but they got very gross looking very quickly.

I took off all the old labels and cleaned up the containers.  Then I grabbed a fine-tip white paint pen and wrote the names of all the spices where we could actually see them: on the front.  Ahhhhh… much better!

I know this is not everybody’s thing.  In fact, I’m sure plenty of people are adamantly against it.  But I love vintage linens.  Especially crazy flower-power ones with plenty of orange and yellow.  And then I like to mix them all together on the same bed.  See?

Yes, they’re super wrinkly.  I refuse to iron my pillowcases.  Sorry.

I went thrifting in Seattle and Tukwila last weekend and had pretty awesome luck.  Then I went thrifting in McMinnville [Oregon] and also had awesome luck.  It’s been a good week!  I have more scores to show you, but one thing at a time.

As I’m sure you know, we painted our bedroom grey before we moved in.  And THIS is about what it has looked like for the year+ that we’ve lived here.  But guess what?  I’m going to repaint it.  I know, I know, I’ll probably get reamed for this.  But it’s my bedroom and I have to sleep in it, and I’m tired of the grey! 

You’re going to laugh when you hear what color I’m painting it.  Yup, that’s right.  WHITE.  Sue me.  I love white rooms.  Remember those awesome vintage linens?  They’re going to pop in the fresh white bedroom, and I have a couple other projects in my brain that’s going to make the bedroom even awesome-er.  For those of you attached to the grey and yellow, enjoy it for a couple more weeks.  I won’t be repainting until next month ;).

I love Halloween. 
We got a late start on decorating for it this year.  As in, we just did it yesterday.  Honestly though, it was really fun doing all this on Halloween Eve!  Mike and I went to TWO pumpkin patches, drank almost an entire half gallon of cider, carved pumpkins, watched MST3K zombie movies and had a grand old time. 

We did everything [including decorations and candy] for about $30.00.  The wreath and black leaves I already had from last year.  We added the cheap plastic spiders on some thread.  Totally makes the wreath.

I moved the chalkboard out from my office, and put it on the upturned umbrella bucket [IKEA].  We scattered the pumpkins around and done.  Easy but colorful and fun.

Please avert your eyes from the filth on our welcome mat.  I need to shake that out today. . .

Happy Halloween everyone!

I bet you thought I’d never post again ;).

But I told you I’d be back! 

So here is the status update on all things Orange Door Cottage.

MYSELF: I had a whirlwind of a wedding season, traveling all over the place and photographing weddings.  It was awesome.  And super stressful.  Also awesome.  Now I am back home, running around doing fall family sessions, working as a part-time nanny for the coolest 7 yr. old ever, and saving up pennies.

THE YARD:  It still looks exactly the same as it did when I showed it to you last time.  These things take time, you know.  And money.  Our amazing landscape architect is fleshing out the planting plan as we speak, and we are hoping to begin construction [slowly] in Spring 2012.  We are starting with a fence and the back deck for sure.  We need us some freaking privacy, and a place to lounge.

THE INSIDE: I’ve done several little things since you saw the inside last, even if the bathroom looks exactly the same.  I’ve organized cupboards, put up new curtains in the living-room and hung up more art and photographs, etc.  There are several projects on the roster for the drizzly months when I’m done with photographing families and have several months before my next wedding season starts.  One of them includes some old classroom chalkboards and a very unique collection of black&white photographs.  I’m excited to show you :).

More soon!

Hey all!

So, for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, Leah over at Go{4}Pro did up a super nice feature of my office.  You can see it by clicking HERE

In other news…
I wanted to let you know that, as much as I’d like to be one of those studly blogs-daily-while-juggling-the-rest-of-life chicks, I really am not.  I am 100% committed to my business, and actually trying to be more faithful at blogging over HERE on a [mostly] daily basis.

I am looking at a busy couple of months with two wedding in NY, one in Jamaica, one in Costa Rica and who knows where else by the end of this wedding season.  It’s going to be a whirlwind!  When I come home in-between my trips, you can bet I’m going to be cuddling with the hobbit and not even wanting to touch a paintbrush.

You can be for SURE that when I do a new project, like landscaping, I will be photographing the crap out of it and blogging it asap.  But you can also be sure that it’s not going to happening on an even close to daily basis.  I would definitely recommend subscribing or doing whatever RSS magic works best for you so that you don’t come knocking here every day and leaving disappointed.  That would make me sad.

To those of you who stick around long enough to see my next posts, you’re awesome!  I so appreciate reading everyone’s comments and feeling the love.  And if you never come back again, I’ll forgive you.  It’s cool.   Whatever.  😉

I’ll be back.  Pinky swear.